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welcome to nicole bryan salon!

Nicole Bryan Salon was founded on March 1st, 2011 on the ideas of respect, passion, positive attitude, education and most importantly family. We are a full service hair salon. We offer color, cut design, styling, Brazilian Blowout, extensions, make up, waxing and more!


DavinesAt Nicole Bryan Salon, we proudly use the full line of organically infused Davines hair styling products. Davines has allured and won over clients from all over the world with its new hair product ranges: a combination of scientific knowledge and passion for the environment.

what's new at nb salon? what's new

We are running our Liter Sale starting July 1st!  We have Momo, Nounou, OI, Love Smooth, Love Curl, and Melu Liter Duos on sale for $55!